Historical overview

Historical overview of Betel Ethiopia

- Trip devoted to organizational issues: Łukasz Sośniak, Andrzej Kalinowski. Starting activity in Ethiopia
- Cooperation with the Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Abune Berhaneyesus Souraphiel CM
- Commencing official cooperation with the Catholic Church in Ethiopia
- Cooperation with the Missionaries of Mercy and initiating first contacts with it.
The Metropolitan Archbishop of Czestochowa, Stanislaw Nowak, recommends the Betel movement (18.04.2011)

- Trip devoted to organizational issues: Andrzej Kalinowski
- Diego Malara the first Director of Betel Ethiopia (11.12.2011)
- Verena Plank a voluntary in Betel Ethiopia. Organizational issues
- Signing an agreement of cooperation with the Archdiocesan Catholic Secretariat (ACS). The agreement was signed on 20.12.2011. Upon its basis, Betel may officially act in Ethiopia within the structures of the Catholic Church
- Addis Ababa. Making first arrangements concerning conditions for voluntary work. A meeting with Ulli Kienzl a candidate voluntary at the first Betel house in Addis Ababa, devoted to organizational issues

- Selam Ayele is the first person to be employed by the Betel movement for a two-month trial period at the house for the disabled run by the Missionaries of Charity (01.01.2012)
- Ulli Kienzl in Cracow, on a visit devoted to organizational issues. A meeting devoted to voluntary work abroad at the house for the disabled being set up in Addis Ababa: Damian Kalinowski

- Signing a property lease agreement (13.02.2012)

- Ulli Kientzl arrives in Ethiopia to run the house for the disabled in Addis Ababa (05.03.2012-10.08.2012)
- Andrzej Kalinowski arrives in Addis Ababa to start the activity of the house for the disabled in Addis Ababa (10.03.2012)
- handing over keys to the property in the bole Bulbula District: Verena Plank, Andrzej Kalinowski (10.03.2012)
- furnishing the house begins (14.03.2012)
- Ulli Kienzl, Selam Ayele, Andrzej Kalinowski move into the Betel house (15.04.2012)
- - The new inhabitants of the Betel house in Addis Ababa: Denka Mekanene, Tadesse Mekanene, Deribie Mekanene, Bafirker Mamush, Ambase

- The new inhabitants of the Betel house in Addis Ababa: Binyam, Milan Desta, Rahel Kebebe Tshay
Ewnetegna Tamir: adopting the name of the Betel house in Addis Ababa (02.04.2012)
- organizing research scholarship and voluntary work in Europe for Samson Hailu Tesfay (25.04.2012)
- Abeba Gelagay becomes a new assistant to the superior of the house, responsible for upbringing the youngest children

- Emdibir. A meeting with the Catholic bishop Abba Guraghe Musle on setting up a house for people with disabilities
- design works concerning the construction of the house in Emdibir. Antonio Carnevale (07-08.2012)

- Debre Zeyt. Buying a Home: Aman Degif (ACS), Habtamu Semu-Abi, Filip Dziurzyński (10/10/2013)
- Debre Zeyt. Start of repairs: Filip Dziurzyński, Mateusz Harlos (19/11/2013)
- Austria - Ternitz. Birgit Holzer, Ulli Kientzl. The organization of the evening (a charity event) to the home Ewnetegna Tamir in Ethiopia (23/11/2013)

- Removal to the new house in Debre Zeyit - Mateusz Harlos

- Marco ID Solution for Industry is taking over full founding for the house Ewnetegna Tamir

A visit to Europe. Taye Selam and Ayele Belete.